Once you have completed a search for jobs and have found a job you would like to quote on, simply click on the job title or image from the search results page to open up the listing page.

Scroll down to the 'Quotes' section where you will see an orange button ADD QUOTE

After clicking ADD QUOTE, you will see the NEW QUOTE window pop up

There will be two boxes where you can enter an amount 'Total Quote Amount (incl Truckit fee)' or 'Provider's Amount (excl Truckit fee)'.

Entering any amount in either of these boxes, will automatically calculate and enter a value into the other box. 

'Provider's Amount (excl Truckit fee)' is the amount that you, the provider, will be paid for the job (including GST) if the customer accepts your quote and books the job.

Please see our article on Quoting Rules for more information on what is an acceptable quote and which quotes may be removed