A new feature to Truckit.net is the action buttons 'Mark as Collected' and 'Mark as Delivered.' These buttons are designed to assist in tracking any booked job right through until successful delivery.


Please mark all jobs as Collected and Delivered in order to keep customers informed on the status of their jobs, as well as enable feedback to be received.

After completing a delivery, the Provider should go to the job in the 'My Jobs' page and click 'Mark as Delivered' this will notify the customer of delivery and ask them to respond. If the customer confirms delivery, they will be asked to provide feedback, which will be left on the Provider's profile and the job will show up as a 'completed jobs' statistic on the Provider's profile. 

If the customer does not reply, the status of the job will move to complete after a period of time.

If neither customer or Provider selects mark as delivered when the job is complete, the job will not be added to the completed jobs statistic visible on a Provider's profile.