While the majority of freight jobs are completed without any complications, as with any goods or services purchased, it is worthwhile taking steps to ensure there are no disputes, issues or unexpected occurrences. We recommend you read the following guidelines to ensure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible.


  • Your shipment is NOT automatically covered by TruckIt.net

  • Transport Providers may or may not have their own insurance however TruckIt does not check or verify any insurance details a Provider may state.

  • If your provider has offered a warranty on insurance on this transit, you should ask for a copy in order to familiarize yourself with it.

  • As an alternative to your Provider's own insurance. TruckIt, in partnership with National Transport Insurance (NTI) to offer Shipping and Delivery Insurance as an optional extra on eligible listings. You are able to get a quote for the optional Shipping and Delivery insurance on your eligible listing page as well as when accepting a quote on an eligible listing. You can purchase insurance up until your Listing enters the "In Transit" status. More info at: How to get a quote for Shipping & Delivery Insurance?

Terms of Carriage

  • If your provider sends you terms of carriage, you should familiarize yourself with it as it may contain important points about the requirements of yourself and your provider in regards to your transport.

Proof of Collection and Delivery

  • Recording proof of collection and/or delivery is best practiced by all parties. The best practice is to take photos or signed consignment notes at both ends of the transit.

  • Inspection or condition reports are often provided by carriers and should be dealt with promptly if there is reason for any disagreement on this.  Reporting of any damages or problems should be done promptly and directly to your transport provider so they can rectify any issues.

Communicate with all parties to the transport

  • If you (the customer) are the Receiver of the goods and you are arranging for the Provider to collect the goods from another party (the Sender), you should ensure both the Sender and the Provider have arranged and agreed collection details in advance of any start to the transit.  Failure to do so may result in a failed collection attempt and possible futile fees.

  • We recommend keeping in contact with your transport provider throughout the collection and delivery process. It is always recommended to use a written communication method such as the TruckIt private messaging as this will ensure there is a written record of correspondence in the unlikely event of a dispute or issue.

  • While transport providers are also encouraged to keep in contact with their customers please understand that a lot of owner drivers or small businesses are out on the road and may not be able to answer or respond straight away.

Properly packaging your items

  • It is always a good idea to think about how you can physically protect your items, be that with a box, blanket or other packaging materials. If you are not sure how you should package or prepare your items, you can always ask your transport provider as they are often experienced in the best methods of packing.