While the majority of freight jobs are completed without any complications, as with any goods or services purchased, it is worthwhile taking steps to ensure there are no disputes.

Truckit.net has put together this Guide to Safe Shipping in order to help customers stay safe and ensure their items are delivered promptly and not damaged along the way.


As simple as it sounds. packaging your items correctly ensures ease of transport and also prevents possible damage to your goods. 

For heavy items such as Car Motors or Gearboxes it is often recommended to have the goods placed on a pallet so they can be loaded quickly and efficiently at both ends of the delivery.

For general household goods, try to pack items in boxes and use appropriate wrapping and labelling for fragile items. 

Packing goods in boxes also allows you to better measure the dimensions of your freight which will improve your chance of receiving fair and accurate quotes from transport providers. 


Agree upon the terms and conditions of your job with the provider and have them outlined in a written contract.This can then be used in the case of a disagreement or a delivery gone wrong. 


The more information and evidence you have, the better chance you have of sorting out disagreements or deliveries gone wrong.

The best idea is to take photos of your items prior to shipping in order to compare to any damage that may occur during transport. 

It is also wise to note the licence and/or registration details of the company and driver(s) involved in delivering your goods. 


Payment security is the most important aspect of shipping safety. Never agree to transfer any money to a transport provider before they have agreed to written terms about the delivery. Some providers may require a deposit to secure their service. Always find out if and how the deposit is refundable in case something does go wrong. 


Truckit.net prohibits the publishing of contact details by customers or providers on the website. This is to ensure the safety and privacy of all users. Only once a quote has been accepted and a job booked on Truckit.net will both customer and provider receive each others details. 


Often disputes between customers and transport providers come down to a simple lack of communication. Don't be afraid to contact the transport provider if something doesn't make sense, or your terms in writing appear different to what you agreed upon. 

But on the other hand, you must also be honest and available when answering any questions the provider may ask you about the job.