Truckit is a safe and secure marketplace that creates an environment for the benefit of its users.  The integrity of the marketplace is compromised if users attempt to take negotiations off the platform and as such it is strictly forbidden.  Some users can find this challenging when trying to work out the finer details of using the site and the below are some common reasons and suggested solutions for overcoming or dealing with situations where yourself or the other party has requested this.

As a shipper, I need to be sure my payment is safe.

For most bookings we recommend using Truckit Pay.  Truckit Pay protects your funds whilst your job is in transit.  Payment is released by Truckit to the Provider only once your item/s have been delivered.  If your Provider is not offering Truckit Pay then message them and request they place a new quote using Truckit Pay.

If your job is high value and you have concerns with the Providers payment terms, then you are welcome to contact Truckit for further support on or phone on 1300 859 850.  For further information on Truckit Pay and our safe shipping guidelines please see here: What is Truckit Pay?

How can I trust or rely on the transport providers

All transport providers that sign up to TruckIt must supply an ABN meaning they are a registered business. In addition to this, most transport providers are also 'verified' by supplying a Photo ID and a matching headshot.  You can identify these Providers by the orange verified tick.

Transport providers have ratings and reviews for past jobs they have done.  If you have a new transport provider, then this is no different to working with someone for the first time.  There is always more due diligence you can do after making the booking.  We recommend making further checks on all transport providers following a booking if you are at all not satisfied, such as inspecting insurance policies, their mode of transport, external ratings or review websites, etc.

How can I do further due diligence on this company?

Prior to accepting a quote we recommend you review the profile of each Provider to see their history, including number of past job, ratings and reviews. You should also ask any further questions of them through Truckit’s messaging centre.

Remember, if after making a booking you are not satisfied with the other party, you can always request a cancellation before the job has commenced.

I need to supply documents to the transport provider for pickup or delivery

Don't worry, as soon as you accept a quote you will be given the full contact details of your chosen transport provider. You will also have a private messaging system within Truckit where you can upload any documents that need to be shared. 

My job is complicated and needs further explaining.  

If you forgot to include some details in your listing, then you can always ‘Edit’ your listing and include further details.  The Truckit messaging area is also there for you to use (remember you must be logged in to see the message area).  If you have multiple loads or recurring freight and feel you need further assistance, please contact or phone on 1300 859 850.

My job is too high value and I have concerns

If you have valuable cargo or the value of the freight is high, it is understandable to have some queries before going ahead. If these can not be solved by messaging the provider, please contact so we can assist in facilitating any communications or reaching an agreement with the other party.

I need an invoice first before i can pay

Truckit provides invoices on booking.  If you are a business and require an invoice first in order for your business to process your booking, please contact or phone on 1300 859 850 to see if we can assist.

I want to see a Transport Providers insurance details before I accept

You can always ask for a provider's insurance policy details after accepting their quote.  If they are not willing to provide, then of course you are welcome to cancel.  Always double check with the Provider through the messaging centre if you have concerns.  Truckit does also provide the option to purchase Goods in Transit insurance through NTI.  If you do not see this option then you can inquire further with Truckit support.

The transport provider wants to know the full collection or delivery details?

When you accept a quote, you will be prompted to enter the full collection and delivery details which will then be passed on instantly and directly to your chosen transport provider. Therefore there is no need to share any of this information prior to accepting a quote.